Our Authors

Our Authors


The Count Sir Ralph de Straet von Kollman, who writes under the name of Ralph Harvey, is a well known UK occultist and author, with best selling titles such as 'The last Bastion', and 'The Mystical and Magical World of Faerie'. He has written numerous scripts and screenplays, the latest of which, 'The Spy in the Eagle's Nest', was published by Lilith Mandrake in 2017. Currently he has over 20 books in print.

He is regularly invited to give lectures on witchcraft, magic and faeries and is the founder of his own movement, The Order of Artemis, and has established over 100 covens in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany and Switzerland as well as the UK.

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Arianrhod is an author living and working in quiet seclusion in the ‘hidden places,’ or as she calls them, the ‘places in -between’. She draws her inspiration from the land, the rhythms, cycles and seasons, the stars, planetary bodies and their movements, and from life itself in all its myriad forms and motion.

She draws upon the deep ancestral wells of Druid wisdom and Bardic wordsmithing, native to the land she lives on and the air she breathes, to weave textured, living stories which have purpose, intention and their own existance independent of the page.

Arianrhod’s commercially available work spans over 3 decades of creative and heart led wordsmithing across a wide variety of platforms, in several languages.


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Richard Gordon is a UK based Writer and Occultist.  Hs is a philosopher, author, photographer, artist, and the founder of ‘The Universal Order of Telos’. Over the years his controversial essays have appeared in many magazines and websites including ‘Greenmantle’, ‘Disinformation’ and ‘Bizarre' magazine. He is also the designer of ‘The Universal Energy Symbol’ and author of a best selling book on  shamanism: ‘Shamanic Magick’. His forthcoming book, ‘The Sacred Symbols Of Creation – The Power of Magick Revealed’ is set to be his most controversial work so far. It is an accumulation of the insights that he has drawn together over the last 12 years in regards to the subjects of Creation, Religion, Sacred Geometry, the Freemasons, the Knights Templar, Mandalas, Magick and the true nature of reality.


H.M. Solaris was an notorious author, artist, poet and sculptor who also wrote under the name of Dante Miel. As a child he was brought up in South America alongside the local shaman’s children where he gained great insights into their practises. In later life he became a master of the occult and dark arts and appeared in many internet interviews, mainly focusing upon the subject of tribal magical traditions. He was without question an expert on the subjects of necromancy and shamanism, as well as many other subjects relating to the occult. After nearly 40 years of study he settled on referring to himself as an ‘experiential shaman’. In his last few weeks of life he sent us the most complete manuscript of his research, ‘Sorcery Shamanism Witchcraft and Magic: A baptism of Fire’ which is now available on Amazon.

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