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Ralph Harvey:

Arianrhod Bel-Moore:

Boudicca Queen of Death:

Boudicca Queen of Death is not a book for the faint-hearted, yet it is also tinged with scenes of love and devotion, as a beaten and subjugated people try to keep a degree of humanity about them in an era of barbarity.  This is her story, the rise and fall of the great Celtic Queen, Boudicca, the Queen who won every battle …and lost the war.

“…You have captured the atmosphere of the period and have entwined love scenes into the drama most skilfully, which together with the Arena and Bordello (scenes) breaks up what could have been a saga of sheer horror. The conclusions you have reached on the violation of Boudicca’s daughters and of her flogging are my sentiments also, and the fall of Verulanium so swiftly, I agree must have been treachery.”

John.R. Eagle (Historical advisor to Ridley Scott on the film 'Gladiator')


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The Spy in the Eagle's Nest:

This is the story of Margery Booth, a mezzo soprano from Wigan Lancashire, who captured the hearts of all who heard her sing, including Adolph Hitler, who invited her to stay at his stronghold, the Eagle's Nest, and Herr Strohm, a German Industrialist who she was later to marry. Her ability to move freely in the high echelons of Germany's leaders, made her an obvious recruit for MI9, some years before the war began, and she managed to get a great deal of information to them over the coming years. She eventually became affectionately known to her controllers at MI9 as 'the knicker spy'. After the war, she was Instrumental in the convictions of Lord Haw-Haw and John Amery, yet her heroic exploits as a spy were never acknowledged by her country, nor did she receive any medals.

This is the story of some of her heroic deeds. Including the tale of how she got her infamous nick-name.


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Seeds on the wind: Journeys in the Mindscape

Seeds on the wind is a collection of initiatory pathways, mystical keys and spirit contact, woven into the form of verse, and presented as portals for self exploration, reflection, expansion and evolution. With artwork by the celebrated Celtic artist Courtney Davis, mystical artist Eilis Kitts and British fine artist Jolyon Ward, the book is designed to be a place to rest the eyes and open the mind and heart.

The magic of ‘Seed’s on the wind lays in the mind of the reader, in the spaces between, where a wild and curious alchemy awaits.

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H M Solaris:

Richard Gordon:

Sorcery Shamanism Witchcraft and Magic: A Baptism of Fire:

H.M. Solaris was a true sorcerer and experiential shaman who lived his life with a foot in both worlds. He was a rare commodity, a genuine seeker of mystical truth whose entire life was spent on the magical path. This book covers the majority of his great work, being the most complete manuscript in existence. It covers a vast array of subjects ranging from Witchcraft, Ritual Magic Sorcery and shamanic tribal traditions, to philosophy, dream work, Self exploration, rituals and potions. It is a true repository of his life's experience including many great insights into the worlds that lie just beyond that our Earthly perceptions. He sadly died shortly after sending us the most complete manuscript of his life’s work.

Sorcery Shamanism Witchcraft and Magic: A Baptism of fire is available to buy on Amazon world-wide.

The Sacred Symbols of Creation – The power of Magick Revealed

This book is based on the life long research of UK mystic and occultist Richard Gordon. The book will reveal what is said to be the ‘Holy Grail’ of mandalas; an ancient geometrically based pictogram that creates no less than portal to the creational energies of the universe. The book itself will cover a myriad of esoteric subjects ranging from ancient links to the Knights Templar and the Holy Grail to quantum physics and practical systems of magick. Make no mistakes, this book is by its very essence is going to be of a very controversial nature, and includes a complete system of his self styled magickal workings, as well revealing the origins of ‘The Mandala of Creation’ and how to access its power.

This book will be availabe to purchase in May 2019.